Artsy and Smart

So way back when, I had a friend named Ryan, who was so extremely talented at doing art, but decided not to pursue it. He now goes to RIT and studies imaging science. For as many years as I have know him I have always been envious of his work because he made everything seem so effortless when it came to the 2-dimensional world of art. Too this day I still look at some of pieces and think “how?” Not only is Ryan extremely intelligent, but he was extremely talented which is not usually a combination I’m used to seeing. He was my best friend since junior year of high school and we still go and grab coffee once and a while. We always went to the same coffee shop that was right by my high school because they would display our art for months at a time. Of course, Ryan pieces would always get in there without a problem, haha.

I wanted to basically brag about his world because I sincerely strive to be able to sit down and paint like he could. I actually thought his technique was very interesting because when he would paint, he would basically paint the entire background black first and then use acrylic almost as a watercolor and build it up slowly. I have yet to test out his ways of painting, but I still think it is so mind-blowing because I just can not do it. It still makes me sad that he didn’t pursue art because he has so much talent, but maybe he can do that in his free time after he builds something new for science that’s extraordinary! The picture on the left is acrylic and the picture on the right is sharpie!

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