August Drawing Challenge

I don’t know if it was just me, but it seemed like July went by really fast. Now that August is here and it’s a whole new month I wanted to take on a new art/drawing challenge. I thought taking this on would be a fun way to create some unique pieces in my sketchbook, experiment with a range of different mediums and also give me ideas for future pieces/projects. In order to find an art challenge I looked on Pinterest until I found one that I liked. Pinterest is one of my favorite tools that I used to find motivation and inspiration and having the app on my phone is really handy. The art challenge I found is called “The Sketches” and it has 101 different subjects to draw. Since there are so many options, I might just skip around and concentrate on the ones that are more interesting to me. Number 50. old farm equipment, 64. the insides of a watch clock, and 78. someone peeling off their skin all seem unique. I don’t know if I would have thought of those before or on my own.

This week I definitely plan on starting this art challenge and my goal is to draw one a day. Next week I will definitely have some new drawings to share. Here is the whole challenge.

art challenge.jpg

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