Lake Ontario, Rochester, NY

For this week’s post I decided that I’d share a few photos I took this past week while up at the lake with my family; rarely having the opportunity to shoot over open(ish) water, I found myself particularly drawn to the individual way the surface of the water tends to play off of the light from the sky, creating a variety of interesting values.

A common theme throughout the week was using the variety of boats in launches lining the shore to complement compositions of the skyline and occasionally land in the distance. I wouldn’t say that they are my most original photos, but there was just something so effective about the simplicity that I continued to find myself attracted.

As the sun set each day I was presented with dreamlike scenes of picturesque skylines silhouetted against a colorful and dynamic sky that, when shooting conditions were just right, yielded some of my favorite photos from the week; more or less the most familiar shooting experience I had all week. In addition, there were more than a few times that waterfowl made an appearance, primarily the gulls and geese shown here, although I think I saw some ducks as well, giving me a more animated subject to work with. Normally nature photography isn’t exactly a go-to of mine, but I found myself in a situation where I felt like I had to document everything and maybe even fell victim to a bit of a tourist-y attitude while there.

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