Music and Art

Last semester, in my Visual Concepts class our last project was a Music Analogy. We had to pick a song without lyrics, and illustrate the different aspects of the music to create an image that represented the song. This project got me to think about music differently, and instead of hearing it as one whole piece, I started to separate each sound and instrument and see how everything worked together.

The song I chose had a lot of synth and the sound of it was very atmospheric; it had depth to it. There were so many layers of sounds and I had to decipher each one and figure out how to express it in something tangible.

After many hours of listening to the same song on repeat, I finally came out with something that I feel was an accurate visual representation of the song. It was also really interesting to see what music my classmates chose, and how they connected with it and chose to illustrate it.

I always knew that music was a form of art, but as someone who has no musical talent whatsoever, it was difficult for me to understand just how intense it could be. By using shape, line, and color to represent different aspects of the music, I was able to visually see how the pieces of the song worked together seamlessly. By the end of this project I was able to see music differently, and relate it to something that I did understand.

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