Autumn Lights Take 2

Well, another Autumn Lights Festival for the books! The day started out rainy and cold, leaving me doubtful for a large crowd of people. I was more confident anyhow, though, because I had put more thought and time into my display as opposed to last year. I looked up how other potters display their wares as vendors, and took some notes! This lead me to purchasing three wooden crates, and staggering them and filling them with my pots. I have to say my display looked great! I just wish I had more pots to fill the space. Either way, the weather cleared up, and it was a great day! I sold more than I did last year, broke even, and learned even more about being a vendor. My biggest hit was my small  New Jersey ornaments. These brought in most of my customers, and were bought the most. I sold one for $10, and 2 for $18! That deal was super appealing to people. I have more in the kiln right now! They make great Christmas presents too. Any work that I didn’t sell I’ll be listing on my Etsy account this week, plus there were some cups that I definitely wanted to keep. I’m happy for every learning experience I have, and the conversations I get to have with people about my art.

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