Gear Pendant 

Recently I’ve been working in the genre of steampunk. In previous posts I mentioned that I wanted to make jewelry with old watch parts. This past week I finally got to do just that. I finished my first steampunk jewelry piece! It turned out better than expected but it wasn’t easy.

The tiny gears on the side of the pendant couldn’t be soldered. They were too small and would probably melt so I riveted them. I took a sheet of copper and riveted them in a curved position that would fit around the watch part. I made a bezel that was open on both sides for the watch part because I couldn’t couldn’t choose which side I liked the most. I made it so that I could change it out if I really wanted to but I would have to replace the wire at the top of the pendant every time. I made the bezel from a thick brass. I tried to roll it thinner but I didn’t get very far. I cut thick prongs on either side of the brass strip to hold the watch part. I liked the way this turned out because it ended up look like a giant gear. To hold the bezel together I soldered two small tubes to the top. I pulled them tightly together with a piece of wire. I added some decorative pieces of wire here and there before I put the pendant into the liver of sulfer solution. This gives the metal an aged look that I really liked. I really want to make more steampunk pieces this semester. Hopefully I’ll have more to post soon!

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