Autumn Shooting

The selection of photos I have attached this week come from a shoot I did in the woods near Keystone College this past week. Like most instances where I find myself taking pictures, I didn’t really plan on doing it beforehand but conditions presented themselves that I figured would be criminal to pass by. The initial plan for the day was to merely get an idea of how to get comfortable with the Holga 120 camera I had recently signed out from school, but after shooting all 12 exposures I figured I’d go and get my digital camera.

The conditions were not uncommon really in terms of lighting, an overcast day in fall, but the excellent light happened to coordinate fairly well with the peak moment in the trees’ evolution into their winter forms; where the distribution of leaves between the ground and the trees themselves is somewhat even and the area becomes engulfed in warm tones.

I don’t really consider myself much of a nature photographer, so most of this was purely nonobjective. I walked around on a few of the trails criss-crossing the wooded area and just captured what stood out to me.

A particularly memorable moment was the realization that the pond I was standing next to was completely full of life. Snails, aquatic insects, and salamanders, plus much more that I’m sure didn’t catch my eye, made for an interesting and somewhat educational surprise; more or less pointing out the kinds of things you notice when you aren’t looking for anything at all.


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