Tattoo Design

So a few weeks ago my friend had shown me a post on Facebook about a girl asking for someone to illustrate a tattoo design for her. Now, I have been wanting to try and design a tattoo for a long time so of course I decided to message the girl. She said yes to me making it, and I started working on right away!

I wanted to make this kind of thing as professional as possible so I asked her what she was looking for and how she wanted it done. I told her that I would keep working on it until it was exactly how she wanted it because it is important to make your client happy. I myself have a tattoo and I know I wanted it to be perfect before I had it put on my body, and after all it is the designer’s job to work and work until the client likes what you have.

For her tattoo she wanted a hummingbird surrounded by flowers. She also wanted the tattoo on her upper arm and plans to add more to it later on so I had to take that into consideration when making the sketches. So first I sketched a few designs for her to look at and picked what she liked or didn’t like from each. Then I made a few more designs based on of what she told me and had her look at them again. In the end she liked the final design and went with it.


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