Nearing the End 

Finals are around the corner and the end of this calendar year is almost over. My classes for the spring semester are all picked out and I’m registered. While that is crossed off my list there is still more to come. This spring I’ll be taking two art classes: Jewelry III and Sculpture III. After next semester is over I will be done with all my liberal core classes so hopefully I’ll have more room to take more than two art classes.

I’m really excited about my sculpture classes next semester because it’s strictly going to be bronze casting. I’ve only done a bronze casting twice. The first time I wasn’t there but the second time I got to participate in the bronze pouring which I wrote about in The Bronze Experience. Jewelry III is an unknown for now because my teacher is leaving, so I’m not sure who will be teaching it next semester. As a third level jewelry student I get a chance to decide what I want to work on for that semester which is really nice. So I hope to use that freedom to make something completely different.

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