Back to Basics

As the summer weens to an end, (I know were all sad about it) it starts to come time to talk about school and classes. Although, we do finally get to be back soon studying what we love and seeing all of our college friends again.

During the school year everything can get pretty hectic, but it is good to keep in mind to not forget to focus on your art skills. Just remember that growing is essential to art, and practicing everyday is also important. Whether it is working on a big project little by little or creating a small sketch once a day, every little bit counts.

And to those incoming freshmen, take advantage of all the knowledge that you are about to learn, because everything will benefit you in the future, believe me or not!

So as you move your art supplies back into your dorms and apartments, keep in mind that every class is important. If you are ever struggling, remember to go back to the basics and think through all the principles and elements of art to improve your projects and skills. All the classes you may have taken your freshman year will come in handy when you forget that sometimes its the simple things that work.

My advice to those going back to school in a few short days or weeks, is take advantage of your new surroundings. Draw, sketch, take pictures, paint, create. Always strive to be the best artist you can be, and keep an open mind to all aspects of art out there in this world!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my blog posts over the last several months, but I will be studying abroad at SACI in Italy this fall so be sure to check out Carolyn’s new posts about On Campus Art News and Art Alumni Stories beginning next week!

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