Without Chickens

Last week I talked about the tiny bottles I made and, well, they came out of the glaze kiln! They are not exactly how I wanted them to come out, but they are still beautiful! I chose a red brick color and a beige color for the glazes. The color that was supposed to turn out a tan turned into spotty bluish-greenish colors and I was a little disappointed with that. However, I was shocked that the color I thought would be more reliable was the color that did not turn out anything like it should have.

Now anyone who has taken a ceramics class with me knows that no matter what combination of glazes I try, I can not get red. It always turns out green or one tiny speck of red. Then when other people try to get the green I made, it turns red. I don’t know why it never works in my favor, but it finally happened, I made red! I was in my glory when I saw these bottles, I just wanted to jump for joy (I didn’t because people were around). See the picture below with the two green bottles…they were supposed to be red.

When I was trying to make the red at Marywood, Matt Povse told me that red is one of the hardest colors to make because the reduction in the kiln has to be just right. He told me that way back when, they used to sacrifice chickens in the kiln when they were trying to make red because they thought the blood of the chicken would make the pottery turn red. Every time I would try to make it I would joke with him and say I needed to get a chicken to put in. But now I finally made red and I didn’t even need to sacrifice a chicken!

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