Goodbye, Summer!

It’s weird to say, but summer is nearly over and it’s back to Marywood in less than a week. The past few months have definitely been eventful for me, and I was able to create a lot more work than I thought I could.

I originally set out to create something everyday, even if it was a small doodle. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and the next thing you know it’s been a week since you’ve picked up your sketchbook. I did stick to it longer than originally anticipated though, and I got some really nice designs out of it.

I then moved on to some basic illustrations of fruit for practice, which definitely helped me get back into the swing of working digitally. That eventually led to my animal illustrations, which I have many more of still in the works!

It’s crazy how fast 15 weeks went by, but it’s definitely time to get back to work. Next time you’ll hear from me, I’ll be back in class, and hopefully I’ll have some new projects to talk about!

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