Compositions Emphasizing Line

Moving in a different vein than last week, I moved back toward my inclinations to stress lines and borders in my compositions.

For this kind of shooting, I generally just let my eyes take in the space and allow my camera to follow wherever my wandering eyes takes it. There isn’t really a lot that I don’t enjoy shooting, except maybe portraits, but I would have to say that this sort of thing is higher on my list than most. As great as shooting sunsets, and flowers, and shallow depth of field shots of tea bottles can be, there’s just something about just shooting everyday things that somehow outweighs that sort of thing in my mind. Even if it seems bland. Making something like a doorway seem interesting is more of an accomplishment to me than something like the shot of geese in Lake Ontario from a few posts back.

I tried to move in more or less the opposite direction of last week’s post, where my primary consideration was the photos’ subject (something I generally try to keep myself away from) and perhaps I over-corrected a little, but with that in mind I feel like these studies in composition, especially the shot of the tree against the siding and the shot of the doorway, more or less helped me understand the way I view that sort of subject matter more. Being the kind of photographer that admittedly doesn’t always think as much as I should about why I like a particular photo, be it of mine or someone else’s, it’s nice to have a somewhat better grasp, if even only slightly.

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