Back To School

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well. This past week has be super busy, as I returned to campus for classes. This semester is totally different from any of my other ones; I have some classes in person and some classes online.

This past week, at least for me has been an introductory week. My professors as well as myself are adjusting to the online learning and learning with masks on collectively.

I didn’t take any photographs this week for any of my classes due to the introductions, but I got my first two projects assigned to me for my advertising and illustration class. So this week I am going to work on those!

Since I don’t have any photographs I’m going to share a few with you from a few weeks ago of my little sister and her 4-H animals. My little sister is participating in 4-H for the second year and has expanded on the types of animals she is raising to sell. This year she decided to sell a steer named Jack and two goats named Ghost and Goblin. Because of Covid-19 the fair that she participates in is doing an online auction so they still have the opportunity to sell their animals if they didn’t sell them before the auction.

My little sister is selling just her goats through the auction so we had to take a photograph of her and each of her goats to send to the buyer of the goat. She was so excited to take the photographs, even though it means they are getting sold because at the end of each 4-H year we make a scrap book of all the milestones she completed through out the year.

Here are the photographs that we took to send to the buyer of her goats.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe! Stay Healthy! I’ll talk to you all next week!

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