Back to School Decor

Summer has come to an end (too soon if you ask me) but one of the fun things to look forward to at college is decorating your dorm or apartment. It’s something you can personalize at school, from the pattern of your bedspread to the art hanging on your walls.

I personally make myself a “gallery wall,” as I call it, on the large blank wall that’s always next to my bed. I hang an assortment of picture frames, that are all in the same color scheme, along with framed art prints from some of my favorite artists. I have 3 artworks by April Alayne whose work I feel in love with at the Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh the summer before my senior year. At that same festival I bought art from Robert Walker; his artwork was more surreal and fantasy like which I enjoyed from a personal point of view; I want to one day be able to paint as he does.

3 prints of paintings hanging above desk

I incorporate some DIY decor as well; I made yarn hangings, not just for me but for some of my roommates as well, and I made a dream catcher. I actually made the dream catcher in my Art Therapy class last year as an art experiential. I think the yarn hangings are a really good idea because they can be large which allows them to take up a bigger space on the wall you save money on buying other things since you don’t have to put much more with it; it’s a statement piece all on its own.

As for the living room area of an apartment, mine came partially furnished but my roommates and I still wanted to add our own touches to it. The colors of the furniture were browns, tans and reds so pretty bland. Therefore we added bright pillows with turquoise, white, and some brown in them, along with a tapestry that pulls it all together. All of this brightened up the room as well as adding character to it.

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