Admiring Tapestries!

Just moved into my new apartment for the start of the school year, and finally getting settled in! My roommates and I started decorating our house, and I noticed a common theme: tapestries! They are a great way to take up empty space on a wall and make the room look really personalized and comfy. A lot of tapestries usually have a mandala-like pattern on them, and as a graphic designer I think they would be really fun to make designs for! So far, we have a darker colored classic one over top our couch in our living room which surprisingly matches our furniture pretty nicely. We also have a blue and purple tapestry hanging at the top of our stairs which you can see from our front door. Elephants are also another theme in our house, and just like the pillow in the living room and the tapestry hanging in the stairwell my roommate also has a elephant tapestry next to her bed!

On my side of the room I have a flower-like tapestry that matches in color with hers which look really cool together. In the other room next door my other suite mate also has a tapestry with Buddha on it. Like that one, I noticed that a lot of tapestries have a bohemian and welcoming feel to them and they often relate to nature.

Tapestries are definitely a common item among college girls, but I think that using them in college is the perfect time to have them! I love admiring all the different designs and patterns and I think they are a really stylish way to put art out there. They really draw your attention when you walk into a room, and that is exactly what an artist wants for their work.

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