Junior Year Begins!

So my junior year has officially started! I can’t believe that I’m a junior already. I feel that my college part of my life has gone by so fast. It feels just like yesterday I was starting college for the first time.

Even though I’m never really too ecstatic to come back to school and start classes again, I do think that this year is going to be a good year for me. I am taking 18 credits this semester including two photography classes. One of those is Color Photography II and the other is Advertising and Illustrative Photography. I am really excited for the Advertising and Illustrative Photography class because I finally get to learn how to use the lights, meters, and everything else that deals with studio photography. I think it may be difficult at first, but if I was able to pass two Photoshop classes I think I can master this class as well.

My second color photography class is going to be pretty good this year too. This class is a continuation of my first color photography class, but I think that we are going to have more freedom to take photographs of what we are interested in. There are not really any set projects that we have to do in this class which I think is good because now we can explore what we want to do with photography.

One of my non-photography classes that I’m really excited about this semester is my Contemporary Fantasy Literature class. I love reading fantasy books. If you ever see me at a Barnes & Noble, I’ll always be in the Teen Fantasy section. Fantasy books are so interesting to me because they take you away from the real world. You get to experience a completely different world, one that you probably couldn’t have imagined.

This semester’s classes are going to great. I believe that I’m going to learn so many new things in photography that I didn’t even know about. I also get to do what I love to do in my free time, read! I believe that this whole year is going to be great and I can’t wait to see what it hold for me. Junior year here I come!

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