Bajo el Sol

Bajo el Sol is a fine arts gallery on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands. To get into the gallery you’ll need to take a short trip up a stone stair case. Once you make it to top of the stairs you’ll be greeted by a stunning still life painting. From the first sighting of its entrance you’ll get this warm feeling, a welcoming feeling.

It has been around for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with this gallery from the very first time I walked through its doors! Its collection is made up of a variety of hand made pieces by a number of local artists. I know a few of the artists personally, two of them happen to be my middle school teachers. No big deal right? Probably not but I get so excited knowing that these great artist passed some of their knowledge down to me, even if it was so many years ago. Now, being able to see their work outside of the classroom and how it has transformed through the years is simply amazing.

I try to visit this gallery as many times as I can anytime I return home. I recently paid Tom, the gallery owner a visit. We chatted for a bit and shortly after he showed me the new pieces that had been added the display. Each piece was truly beautiful but I only took photos of the ones that really stood out to me.

Here you go!

Hand crafted wood vases and bowls.

A few framed paintings.

I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. If you ever get the chance, stop by the gallery and take a look at all the other breath taking pieces or visit their web site at

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