Rainy Days

I had to put a hold on my outdoor painting plans because its been raining everyday and I’ve been working a lot. So a few days ago I set up in my boyfriend’s mother’s living room to paint a space I found somewhat interesting.

During this past semester I was not painting from life as much as I could’ve been so I figured I should practice. I felt that this was a great exercise to study the colors I was seeing and even exaggerating some of them. Although I don’t know how much I liked the style I choose to paint in; I wish I used a little more paint. It was kind of boring actually to paint like this. I wasn’t looking at any other artist’s works while I was doing this so that could be why it wasn’t so fun. I think I also get caught up in trying to recreate what I see when I paint from life that I forget to ask myself what it is the painting needs. I only spent about an hour on this painting so I am happy with my results. I feel like I captured the warm feeling of this space and the relationships between the shapes I was seeing.



8×10. Oil on canvas panel.

I have been drawing more lately which is great so I should be posting a drawing of the week from now on again.

Sketchbook Drawing of the Week:


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