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On a well needed fall break, I went to the Baltimore Museum of Art. It was perfect for me considering I am taking Art in the Modern Era right now as an art history course. They had Impressionist art all the way to Contemporary art as well as sections of Asian and African art.

weblike, bubble rainbows

I went when I saw there was an exhibition titled Entangled Orbits by Tomás Saraceno that seemed intriguing so I was excited when I walked in the doors to see one of his pieces engulfing the lobby staircase. They reminded me of blowing bubbles due to the translucent 3D mandala sculpturerainbow quality. The exhibition continued on a different level which led to the discovery of his inspiration. There was a dark room with light on a cobweb and then it all made sense. His work was a beautiful interpretation of that. In another room there was a large orb entangled which was great because you were able to walk around it completely and feel as though you were a part of it. The whole piece reminded me of a Mandala.

There were other sculptures and installations that peaked my interests in the contemporary art wing. There was a beaded curtain by Felix Gonzalez-Torres that was so tall over head to have the affect of being engulfed in some thing even though they’re just one row of strings of beads to walk through. The sculpture titled Flower Observatory by Olafur Eliasson was one I looked at before reading the title. I when I originally looked at it I thought it was aesthetically pleasing but that was it really. Then I walked underneath it and found it to be so cool just a plain and simple surprise of awe looking up and seeing the negative look like a star. Reading the title later on made the piece further work more. Furthermore there was a sculpture that just made me want to touch it or shake it or just move it in general: Haegue Yang‘s Sonic Figure- Venting Youth. Of course there was a specific sign telling people not to touch it. Basically the whole piece was covered in jingle bells it was truly hard to resist oneself.

I started on the Contemporary Art wing because that is normal what interests me most but secondly I made my way to the Modern Art wing where I saw many famous painters paintings. I’m only going to write about 2 because if I were to write about them all we’d be here all day. I have yet to met a person who doesn’t love van Gogh and the piece I saw here was too simply delicate not to share. A Pair of Boots is just as it sounds, boots, but the color here is really what I appreciated; it gives life to a rugged pair of work boots. Only van Gogh would be able to take something so ordinary and turn it into a work of art. Lastly, I got to see Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude. We recently finished the Fauvism Era chapter in art history and this was a piece we covered. In class I observed that I liked the background significantly more than the woman subject. Still after seeing it in person, I stand by that. The colors and plants in the background caught my eye more than the woman did. That said, the very slight blue tint to the woman’s blue skin was so interesting to see in person. It almost feels as though the woman has an aura radiating from her which is something it only noticed while looking at it in person.

Sometimes we need a simple break from everything, a time to stop and smell the roses… or in this case stop and see the art.

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  1. Very impressed with the European art collection at the museum. Good job with your observations!

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