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I give a gigantic amount of credit to anyone who has chosen to go into the field of web design. I’m only two projects in for my Web Design and Interactive Media class, and so far I am already going crazy over all the coding I have to do! A website may look simple, but I can guarantee you that the process to get there was not. If you miss one little period or bracket, your website won’t do what you want it to and it can definitely get frustrating real fast.

My class just finished making a website for a made up company called Fog City Hot Spots using Adobe Dreamweaver. After countless hours staring at my computer screen, as well as having my app crash on me at least 10 times, my website finally got completed. My favorite part of the entire project was when we got to create the logo for the company and pick the color palette, the easiest parts, of course. We also had to link social media sites along with certain key words within the text. One of our requirements was to put in a gallery of pictures using the free feature, Lightbox. I thought I had put in all the right coding, but my links still refused to work so I spent a good amount of my time and almost gave up once or twice before I finally figured it out. It was a pretty nice feeling though once I got everything to work and I got to look at my project as a whole.

It’s well worth it in the end learning how to use Dreamweaver though because I know it will really help me out when looking for a job in the future. Being able to say I have had experience in this skill set will really set me apart, and if I ever want to make a website for myself I will be able to know how to do it! Our next project is redesigning a bad website design, and now that I am feeling a little more comfortable with web design I am actually looking forward to doing it!

Some of my Fog City website pages:


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