Basic Ceramics

Lately, I have been really reminiscing my basic ceramics course I took last semester with Matt Povse. Basic ceramics was definitely my favorite studio course I have taken so far here at Marywood. At first I was very, very intimidated by the course. The wheel frightened me especially since this was the very first time I have ever used one! I could just imagine my clay flying off the wheel across the room, luckily that never happened. I ended up exceeding my original expectations of the course. I did not believe clay was the choice of medium for me but I ended up loving it so much.

By the21 time the semester came to an end, I was very sad it was over. I definitely learned a great deal that will not only help me within my art field but also in life as well. I not only learned how to handle such an interesting and enjoyable medium but also learned valuable time management skills, problem solving skills, and patience. I also learned not to hold myself back as much which is something I know I do unknowingly because taking risks can lead to such great success especially when it comes to creating art. I wish the course never had to end but I am beyond happy I walked away with a few great pieces that I am highly satisfied and in love with that I will definitely treasure forever!

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