Basic Little Sketch

Can I say, I love when a basic little sketch of mine becomes something so grand and meaningful. One morning in July, I woke up to a few ideas that I jotted down. They were simply images I saw in my mind with no real purpose. It was not until last Tuesday when my one sketch developed it purpose. Once I had my connection discovered, I painted away. I am currently at this stage of my painting.

I am no where near finished but I would like to discuss what I have thus far. In my first photo shown here, my idea and sketch are included side by side. The painting shows exactly what I had sketched. The use of the palette knife included. I knew I wanted some sort of texture other than brush strokes plus I do love working with a palette knife. My sketch also included a blue background and I stuck with that however the red was not. Originally I had written down to use an assortment of blues but ended up with red again. I am positive I mentioned before, red is not my color of choice but recently its been showing up in my work. This sketch had no prior intentions or reasoning until the purpose was discovered and that purpose is my sister; I love you, Taylor. As of now this painting reminds is a work in progress and it does have quite the bit of drying to do before I can move on. I am very excited to see my finished product!

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