Planning Ahead

Hi everyone! So last fall I participated in a street fair that my town holds annually, called Autumn Lights Festival. I had a spot as a vendor where I sold my ceramics and paintings! It took place this previous fall semester, so I have a prior blog post talking about it. Well, it’s coming up again and I’m excited to announce I’ll be participating in it once again! Although I don’t have the opportunity during the summer to stock up and make ceramics, I’m already planning what kind of things I’ll make once I return to school in the coming weeks. Last year I didn’t make as much profit as I had hoped, but now, a year later, I know my market and consumers much better! This is a street fair, people aren’t looking so spend more than $30 a pop. So making small, simple pieces in bulk will be my best bet! I’m planning on making a bunch of ornaments, both thrown, and some flat ones too. I’m also hoping to make as many mugs as my little hands can throw! Mugs are a perfect gift during the holidays, and I think if I make them in sets they will be more appealing. I have to remember that this street fair isn’t a craft fair, and I have to know my audience. I’m so excited to put myself out there again and hopefully get some new customers!

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