Basic Photography Projects

This past week in my Basic Photography class with Dennis Corrigan, we did two different projects. Firstly, in class on February 7, we had an in-class assignment which was to use paper/paper towels in our photos. For this, I first used paper towels as props (masks) on my models. Then, I also used paper as a frame in two different ways. The photos below were a few of Corrigan’s favorite out of my bunch. This was an interesting concept because it helped us use our creativity with such a simplistic object. While it was hard to come up with ideas, they come easily if you play around.

The second assignment was for outside of class due on February 12. The class was told to take weird photos of people with/in cars. Now, Mr. Corrigan is very vague about his assignments and that is what I like most; he gives us a chance to use our imagination to come up with ways to fit the concept into our work. For my photos, I grabbed a small group of friends (and my dog Bruno) and did whatever we thought would work. Again, it was really hard to really think of ways to put this assignment into photo-worthy concepts, yet easy because “weird” is not hard to show when you are with people you are close to.

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