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Hello everyone!

As always, I hope you are all having a positive, blessed and influential semester so far!

If you are an Art Therapy student or art student, you may know what a visual journal is, but if not, that is this week’s topic. These are honestly my favorite part of my classes, besides the education obviously. The basis of a visual journal is to draw, write, or depict your observations on certain parts of the art therapy courses. I have done visual journals on possible directives I could facilitate in the field, or my perspective on a site we went to, or even how I view the Grand Theories in Art Therapy.

I feel like for this blog, I want to break it down into a few posts for each week, explaining a few of my favorite visuals journals and what they mean to me and my process when I do one. My goal is to not only inspire, but maybe show some of you how you can record your learning in a more visual manner.


In this visual journal, I had to create a visual journal based off of an Open Studio Directive with the techniques and ideals of a Humanistic Approach. If you are not sure, Humanism is one of the grand theories that caters to a “person-centered” approach, as Carl Rogers would say.

To keep it mostly vague and semi-personal, this visual journal, to me, is about the steps of accomplishment that someone can take into account when doing a piece of therapeutic art. I created a directive that can allow a client to showcase a demonstration of positive self-thought and creative thinking. For my example piece, I used a mixture of magazine cut-out words, colored pencil drawings and small visuals that remind me of happiness within myself and my own growth through life.

That is all for this post, but next week I plan on commenting on another of my visual journals! Stay tuned for more!

Until next time..

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