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Hello everyone, I am greatly appreciative that I’ve been chosen to take over the on campus art news and alumni stories blogger role for the Where Creativity Works art blog at Marywood University.

Since it is the start of a new school year, that means a new foundation year has begun. At the beginning of each school year, in the Insalaco Center for Studio Arts, the foundation exhibit is on display showcasing the works from last year’s foundation classes; such as basic drawing, two-dimensional design, computer graphics 1, and ceramics, to name a few. Anyone can come and look around to see what their fellow Marywood students are doing, but I highly recommend that the new foundation class of  2016-2017 to take some time and look at the artworks, because this time next year that exhibit will be yours!

There’s a variety of talent and styles, so find some of your favorites and examine them. Pick them apart. See what could be fixed or what you would do differently. Even open up your favorite app, like snapchat, and take a picture of the artwork and draw on it (a great tip for any future projects). Being critical about art should be on every artist mind, every day.

Last year when I moved into my dorm I walked through Insalaco looking at the artwork, finding what I liked and didn’t like. Everything hanging up is a preview of what the foundation students will go through and learn. Take pictures on your phone, they may inspire you later for some pieces or help you start your own composition. If you like the technique someone used, take note of it. You will always learn something by looking at art.

All of your art professors will tell you that being critical about someone’s art and your own is crucial. Starting early on is the best thing to do for yourself. Once you start you won’t be able to stop, which is a great thing. This will improve your own work tremendously. While you’re in between classes or have some free time come into Insalaco Center for Studio Arts and start being critics. The foundation exhibit is only up for a short period of time, so make sure to stop in while you get the chance.

Currently on view in the Kresge Gallery of Insalaco Art Center is a sampling of first year student work that will be shown in spring 2017 as part of a larger display of foundation work ( and all levels) during an accreditation review.

Foundation Works, Kresge Gallery

The foundation work in Kresge gallery, first floor of the Insalaco Center for Visual Arts, will be shown until September 16th, 2016. Foundation 2D/Color projects and additional drawings are also now displayed in the third floor hallway of Insalaco center. The works displayed are among our better student examples and we hope many of you—not just foundation students— will find time to check them out!  

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