Beach Art

Whenever I go down to the beach I always end up finding some cool beach art to check out, and this trip was no different! For the fourth of July weekend I ended up going down to Fenwick Beach, Delaware. I walked past many beach houses during my trip, and something kept catching my eye, their mailboxes. Usually mailboxes aren’t anything special, but the ones here were actually really cool to check out.

A good amount of them had ocean themed designs painted on them, and some were even shaped like something ocean themed such as a whale or a dolphin. My favorite was probably the flamingo mailbox, and what made it even better was that the owners entire house was flamingo themed. I also noticed that flip flops and the word welcome were a common theme, and a lot of them seemed to be painted by hand as well which was really impressive. Some also had screen-printed designs on them, which as a graphic designer seemed really interesting to me. Designing mailboxes definitely hadn’t crossed my mind before but it would totally be something I’d want to try!

Here I have narrowed down the best of the best mailboxes that I could find! I really only checked out a couple of neighborhoods, so I could imagine there are plenty more cool mailboxes around waiting to be discovered. I may have looked a little silly pulling up to people’s houses and snapping pictures of their mailboxes, but it was totally worth it to check out all the cool designs around the neighborhood.

Best of the Best: Animal Shaped

Best of the Best: Flip-flops


Best of the Best: Hand Painted


Best of the Best: Screen-Printed

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