Body Art

Tattoos are becoming very popular in communities today. Some may say it is bad, some may say it is good. I for one, think it is a good thing because not everyone has artistic abilities. So, by getting tattoos they can show what they consider art on their bodies. Some may say that tattoos are not art at all, rather they’re just someone simply being “rebellious.” I believe tattoos can most definitely be art, especially personalized art.

People who get tattoos express themselves in a different way than most people do. Some people may express themselves in writing, painting, or photography, but a lot of people may not have those kind of talents. So they turn to tattoos. Tattoos allow people to express their own kind of art by telling tattoo artists exactly what they want. This is what makes people’s tattoos their own. The artists may offer to change or add something to make it better, but the whole idea of someone’s tattoo is their own.

Not only does having your own idea put on your skin a reason why tattoos are art, but also how the artist themselves tattoos someone. Professional tattoo artists take their time to precisely make every single detail, whether it be small or large. They know that this will be a permanent part of someone’s body so they want their work to be excellent. To me, this makes tattoo artists one of the hardest art forms to master. Their canvas is the human body and if they make one mistake it can rarely be fixed. They must have the best precision any artist could have and learn how to work with the different parts of the human body. They must find a way to work around not always having a flat canvas.

I think a lot of tattoos are beautiful and all should be excepted in our world today whether they be small tattoos or large. They shouldn’t be frowned upon and be a reason for someone not to get a job. Tattoos are a way of expression, they are art. Just because people with tattoos can’t show their artistic side through traditional mediums doesn’t mean they shouldn’t show it at all. I hope one day everyone with tattoos will be treated like any other person. Even if this never happens, I still can’t wait to get mine!


(All tattoos were made by Caleb Gesicki at The Quillian Tattoo)

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