Bee Linocut

I chose to use one of my old linocuts I created in highschool, and do a little revamping, and experimenting before the honey bee harvest festival, to showcase, and sell some linocut prints! When I created this linocut I wanted to make some sort of animal or insect. When choosing a bee I took into consideration the honeycomb pattern for extra texture and creativity.

Photo of bee prints for sale

Looking back, this was my first ever linocut and I am quite proud of how this turned out! I did a lot of experimenting with colors, blending of ink, and paper when printing this design.

My two favorite prints ended up being a very pigmented print on black paper with orange and yellow ink, along with a print on white paper with black and orange ink. I love experimenting when it comes to print making and what you can do with ink. Reusing an old project was super fun, and it was very cool being able to take my old skills and combine it with my new knowledge when it comes to printmaking.

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