Roba’s Family Farm

Hello everyone! Halloween is upon us, and so is the time for pumpkin art! This week Marywood Students were given the chance to experience the Roba Family Farms. I know this trip was highlighted in an earlier year by Mackenzie, so go check out their post for more photos! Roba’s is a long standing fall staple, and a must-visit for fall festivities! Roba’s is a place that is centered around the whole family, with lots to do, but the best part for me were their glowing pumpkins, set along a trail.

They are not real pumpkins, but they are works of art. The pieces you see on this walk range from the classic Jack-o-lantern, to detailed portraits, to even sculpture! The lights all around truly created a mysterious atmosphere in the dark, very appropriate for Halloween time.

As always, I recommend Roba’s, if you can get there in time for Halloween. Even if not, It is a great place for kids to see the animals and enjoy the extensive playground and other areas for fun. I would say to go around sundown to catch the lights. Happy Halloween!

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