Begin Again

Sometimes when I’m in the final stretch of a project, I take a step back and think “well, I completely hate this.” And what do you think would happen when that thought crosses through my mind? If you answered “you start over” you are correct! Now I’m not encouraging you to do what I do and pull all-nighters before projects because you suddenly have an epiphany. In fact, don’t wait until the last minute to finish a project ever. Easier said that done right? I must have mentioned in past posts that I’m notorious for that.

The whole reason I’m explaining this is because it’s important for you to know that you’re never trapped. You can open an insane amount of art boards in Illustrator and just go to town with different designs, color schemes, fonts, etc. Maybe you keep the same design but chose to add pink polka dots instead of the red you originally had. It never hurts to just try, right? But I will once again I will reiterate do not wait until the last minute to try new things out. If ever in your design you’re feeling trapped or you just discovered you hate it—which often happens to me—go back into your original thoughts and see if any inspiration strikes. Again.

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