Fun Till Someone Says “CHEESE”

Well I am back from my Paris trip. Hopefully I can get to my overloaded camera soon, and will post them when i recover from jet lag.

This week is about portraits and environmental portraits. Every photography class has these kinds of projects to do. Some can be fun, such as environmental portraits. Yes, I messed this project up. Well, when someone says “environmental” I was like, “Cool! I can do more pictures of nature and landscapes!” Once again I learned the hard way; environmental portraiture actually  means taking pictures of people in their environment.

I didn’t know that Marywood required you to think and apply yourself; I didn’t see that on the brochure. Luckily for me we have great professors in the photography department. My basic photography teacher was Lori Ann Brunetti; she was always around to help me even when I was not in her class anymore. All the art teachers are there to help you. They even help you with those pesky other classes like English!

This wasn’t my favorite project, but I did learn a lot about lighting and focal length, and how both affect photographing different subjects. This goes back to one of my earlier posts, on what does your photograph say. Just by changing camera angles, this can change the mood. Here are a few of my portraits, and of course my 2 dogs Bella & Sassy just had to get in the action!

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