Behind The Design

If you’re anything like me, you’re an art observer. When I say that, I mean you find enjoyment in looking at everyday things—billboards, bottles, packaging—and analyzing the design that went into them. Almost everything that we eat, drink, read, or see has packaging, or a display, that was produced by a designer. I feel like all to often designers and artists are downplayed for their skills, when, without them, the things that we experience everyday would be incredibly bland.

Take a cookie container, for example. I could name any brand of these delicious sweets and I’m sure that the first thing that comes into mind is the appearance of the package. Not only does the design make the product more memorable, it also gives an experience to its viewer.

The claim “Art is everywhere” really is true. Art can be found in everything, and it’s so diverse that artists are needed everywhere.

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