This week consisted of a lot of foot work. First my roommate and I went to Nay Aug Park to take a break from studying. It was absolutely beautiful. I haven’t been there in months and it was the perfect day to go. There weren’t that many people and we were able to get close to the water to cool off from climbing up and down the trails. It was very relaxing especially since finals are coming up and we have to study and do our papers.

The next day I had to go and check out some cafes for a marketing audit for my marketing class. I wanted to check out the competitors in person for the company we are discussing the audit on, Zummo’s Cafe. Since I was in downtown Scranton I went into AFA Gallery. I was really surprised by the work on the walls because I knew it in a way. The artist took paintings from the past and changed the main figure. Instead of a recreation of The Death of Marat the artist made it their own by having the medium be charcoal and replacing the figure called ‘Moser’. The artist had multiple pieces like this in the gallery and I loved them just because I knew the background of the original paintings and how the artist changed certain things to make it their own. I fell in love with them.

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