Bending Light

Congratulations to my friends graduating! Met a lot of great people this year. Sad to see them go, but happy for their new adventures ahead! Good luck!

Been out of School for a week, and summer session starts. I had so many plans to go and shoot, shoot, shoot! I look forward to summer session now. Marywood is offering summer classes at some crazy discounted prices. Speaking of crazy, I am taking an environmental science with Joe Snedeker. He is our local weather forecaster for Channel 16. Can’t wait to see what kind of antics he will be doing. Also I will taking Italian over the summer; I am hoping to go to Italy this upcoming year through the school’s Study Abroad program.

Ok, back to photography. I have been playing around with Photoshop and Lightroom, employing some of the skills that I have learned from previous classes. While it is true that I have said Digital photography is “The Devil,” once you go down that dark path, forever will it control your destiny. So I have been playing with Panoramas. I took a lot of pictures in Paris that I wanted to stitch together digitally into panoramas. I took the shots shown here from the top of Notre Dame. Beautiful, but those steps going up to the top would have made Rocky cry.

Keep shooting, young Jedi!




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