Sometimes You Have to go Back!

Nazareth High School Art show

This is my first blog post!

This week was the last week of school at Marywood, and weirdly enough the day that I got home I went back to my high school to see this year’s art show. The art show at our high school is the biggest event for artists; our whole gym gets filled with student work from the year. It’s also a sort of homecoming for art alumni because everyone comes back to meet with art teachers and friends.

This year’s students put up a really amazing show. It was awesome to talk to them especially now that I have graduated and am an art major. I was able to talk to seniors (many who I knew when they were little) who were going to college for art and design. I was so impressed and inspired by the work that I thought it would be really nice to show it on the blog. What you make in high school does matter even when you get in college because it gives you are really nice starting place.

I was really impressed because many of the students were interested and took classes in many arts and had a range of work. I was the same way in high school as many of the photography students take graphic design classes. At the art show, photography students have the freedom to set up their own displays and it is so much fun to see what everyone does.

I am going to be a junior now and I think that these students have bright futures in design by having a range of work and by using their creativity to organize their work in the art show.

You’re never too old to go back!

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