Finding Inspiration and Motivation

The summer is upon us and, for art students, motivation and inspiration might start to become sparse. While we love art and being productive, it’s very easy to leave our creative minds in the classroom. Of course, it is good sometimes to take a break from the art process, but not for too long. It is important to remember that to improve your artistic abilities you must work on them year round. At least in the summer, there are no instructors dictating and judging your art; it’s finally your time to explore, be creative, and have fun.

Ways to be inspired and MOTIVATED

1. Schedule time during the week: By setting an hour a day or one night a week for art, you can ensure to be productive and creative this summer. Sometimes it is hard to force yourself to make art, but even looking looking up different artworks and creative ideas online is visually stimulating and can help motivate and inspire your next artwork.

2. Volunteering: Volunteering can be a nice way to help others while still making art. I volunteer at a nursing home and work with a woman, Grace (find out more here). This forces me to think of new project ideas for her and to help her in the art making process once a week.  But volunteering options doesn’t end here, one can help with painting a mural, making banners, designing a fundraiser, or helping teach a class.

3. Taking a class: Classes can be expensive, but are worth the cost.  There are places in Scranton, such as Art Works, that have art classes available for multiple populations and at variable, convenient times.  There are classes located outside of Scranton, one of them being Peter’s Valley. Peter’s Valley has week long classes that focus on sculpture, craft, and ceramics. I will be attending a class here over the summer focusing on glazing and decorating ceramics.

4. Competing in an art competition: Art competitions have deadlines, which force its participants to make quality art in a timely manner. The competition may give a multitude of rewards, including recognition, money/grants, gallery space, and something to add to your resume. Participating in a competition helps an artist have motivation and stay focused because of the deadline and reward. IMG_1746

5. Traveling, viewing art galleries, and/or exploring nature: Going places and seeing new sites and artworks can inspire new ideas and stimulate creativity. If you can, find time around any jobs or internships you may have to visit art galleries or go to the MOMA or Met. At the least, find time to go to the park or walk on a nature trail to absorb in the scenes around you. Exploring nature will allow you to feel the warm glow of the sun upon you and hear the whistle of the summer wind through the lush green trees. The best way to picture a scene from nature is to experience it.

How do you plan to stay inspired and motivated this summer? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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