Beth Cavener

Hello!  While still on the hunt for that spark of inspiration, I came across the work of Beth Cavener.  Her work is imposing and elegant, and depicts animals living out uniquely, sometimes compromisingly human problems.  Cavener’s work is not only awe-inspiring to its audience, but her mindfulness and her dedication to the transparency of her process are incredibly valuable to the student artist. Her story feels relatable in that her anxiety, self-doubt, and sometimes depression become ways of processing and understanding the world around her. I feel I am learning these are struggles that can help to provide opportunities for self-examination and growth rather than be seen as an insurmountable hurdle that prohibits development as an artist.

As I explored her portfolio website, I found it brimming with information about her use of armature, her selection of clay, detailed firing information, as well as videos of her work in progress and so much more that I cannot possibly do the site justice. It is like a digital journal and with every photo, it unfolds into gallery upon gallery of photography.

There are hours worth of notes and comments and musings from the artist and it’s hard to look away as the pieces that come together before one’s eyes are nothing short of stunning. Over her site, I was able to find many examples of Cavener photographing details of her process – here are some photos that seem to document a piece called Tribute.

I have selected just a few pieces from her portfolio and vehemently encourage exploration of her work further (no, for real, they are breathtaking). Trapped – Shows a fox redirecting its energy and biting itself free from a paw over-encumbered by o gold ring. Through an Empty Place – A wall-mounted piece depicting a fox walking through a sort of anti-spotlight. And The Adoration – a ceiling mounted frozen sheep whos materials include sugar, vintage lead-glass crystal, and semi-precious stones. This pieces installation hold a surprising resolution and is also internally illuminated.

What’s Playing – I thought it was funny today- the FedEx delivery driver was listening to Billie Jean too.

Featured Image Citation – Beth Cavener, Forgiveness

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