Student Spotlight: Joseph Kovach

Meet Joseph!

Name: Joseph Kovach

Year you’ll be graduating: Class of 2024

Major: Art Therapy 

I am majoring in Art because I could never see myself doing anything else. I have always had a passion for creating, and if I were to try and repress that passion by doing something else, I would not be able to. 

The kinds of things that inspire me are nature and activism. Nature fascinates me because there are so many beautiful colors that naturally occur within plants, and examining this helps me to further understand how to use color within my art. Activism inspires me because those who are activists possess a type of bravery that I really admire, and when I make art I am trying to be as bold and brave in my choices as I can possibly be in order to fully express myself.

My favorite class so far was Three Dimensional Design 1 because I have never really done any three-dimensional art before, so it is very fun for me to be able to try new things and challenge myself. 

When I’m not in class I am likely making some sort of art in my sketchbook, going to Starbucks with my friends, or watching something on Netflix. 

The coolest thing I’ve done so far at Marywood was goat yoga. I thought it was such a fun experience and I loved being around all of the adorable goats while also being able to get some exercise.

When I graduate I hope to become an art therapist, helping as many people as I possibly can. Every person is capable of making art, and I want to help people tap into their creativity by assisting them in learning how to use art to express how they feel. 

I’d recommend the Art program at Marywood because all of the professors and advisors truly care about their students and want to see us succeed while pushing us to become better artists. Additionally, being in the program allows you to find many friends who are also interested in art. Between the professors and the friends I have made, I feel that I have a strong support system within the Art program.

The best spot to be on campus is in front of the Learning Commons. It always looks pretty there no matter what time of the year it is, and there are a few sculptures there that I find fascinating to look at. 

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