Making a Mythology

As I’m sure we are all painfully aware, this semester has been a rough one. I myself have been struggling to keep with deadlines and manage my own workload. As an advanced painter, I have been very discouraged on the number of pieces I’ve been able to complete, as of now I only have one piece that I have been consistently working on since the semester began. However, I believe that when completed this piece will be a very special one in my portfolio for years to come. Keeping with my own unique style, I think I’ve managed to establish an interesting composition with a narrative that still somewhat perplexes me and keeps me wondering just what the heck I’m trying to convey.

Early on in this piece’s preliminary sketches, I wanted to create an image that gave me the confidence and motivation to really keep me engaged with the painting process, and the fact that I’ve been constantly working on this piece since the start of the semester I think that part has worked! But it was not until yesterday’s zoom session with my classmates and professor, Dennis Corrigan, that I really understood what I was doing and can continue to do in future pieces. We discussed artists that create their own personal mythologies with their artwork and this idea really stuck with me! I’ve always been a fan of Greek myths and epic stories and I think this somewhat shows up in my art. I don’t portray famous stories based on actual myth but what I do is paint things that have a narrative or meaning attached. In fact, my most recent series of paintings had to do with religious subject matter.

Seen below is the piece I’ve been writing about and I think some will agree that it’s sorta mythological in a sense and there’s a story that could go with it. I think going forward in not only completing this piece but in future pieces, I could really run with the idea of creating personal mythology in relation to my current work in progress.

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