Big Christmas Box

I say this with utmost humility; I don’t consider myself to be especially materialistic. I have lived in a relatively small house my entire life, I am certainly not one for clutter, and typically feel as though I don’t need more than what I already have. Of course I’m human and definitely not impervious to expert marketing and advertising, or alluring merchandise. I do like to treat myself to nice things on occasion, but I find experiences, especially with those closest to me, far more joyous and rewarding than plain old things, an attitude probably instilled in me by my wise mother and father.

Which is why I was a bit taken aback when I marched downstairs this Christmas morning. My mother confidently assured me, as she has in most previous years, that this Christmas would be minimal in order to narrow our focus on what is really important at this time of year, but the first thing I saw upon entering our living room was this gargantuan box, far too large to fit under the tree.


It was impossible to ignore. I paused for a moment, and worked up the nerve to cautiously approach it and look for a gift tag indicating who it was for. No such luck. And with that, I left it, reminding myself to remain humble, knowing that as soon as I made any assumptions about little old me receiving the box’s contents, I would surely be wrong and karma would have its way.

After giving gifts to my other family members and opening a few small gifts myself, the festivities were winding down, and the box had still not been addressed, until my parents both got up and brought the box to the center of the room. They announced that indeed the box was for me and that I should open it now. As I knelt down near the side of the box and began to drag one trembling finger down the seam of the paper, the wheels in my head that had been turning all day began to burn metaphorical rubber. I tore through one side of the paper, read the word, Speedball, and collapsed at the seams. Speaking of wheels… I received my very own potter’s wheel.

20151225_121721Every Christmas is special for obvious reasons – family, togetherness, warmth, joy, love, and so much more – but the flood of emotions I felt in uncovering the biggest tool I needed in order to pursue what brings me bliss in my everyday life was joyfully paralyzing. The gift in itself meant so much, but the accompanying, intangible gifts of support and love that are about me year round thanks to my awe-inspiring family were, in effect, made manifest. I am so blessed to be surrounded by those who have faith in what I do, and have the desire to help and drive me forward in my pursuit. I cannot express how immensely moved I was, and how incredibly grateful I am. I hope that you and yours felt the warmth of the season in your hearts as well!

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