Christmas’ Past

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. I know it’s over now and soon we will be taking down our trees. I just wanted to take the time to talk about how a Christmas tree isn’t just another decoration in your house. It holds memories of your past Christmases and times spent with loved ones. Each ornament holds a memory and has a story to tell.

The cover photo for this week’s blog is of some ornaments that I made when I was little. My mom saved everyone I ever made, but these are just a few. She’s the person whom I got my artistic abilities from because she introduced art to me when I was little. She used to come into my kindergarten class and do crafts with me and my classmates. We would always have something to put on our tree every year.

Every Christmas when we decorate the tree we take time to reminisce about each ornament and the story it holds. Ornaments can be from places we’ve visited, others gifts, and some we inherit as loved ones pass on. Even when we take the ornaments off the tree we smile at the past Christmases that we’ve shared. Every year there are always new ornaments to add to the collection of memories. The tradition continues on with every Christmas to come.

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