Blast From the Past

Earlier in the week I was able to visit that mini festival I was telling you all about. It was a bit different than I remember but still very entertaining and educational.

As you walk up the hill towards the sugar mill, you will be greeted by smells of the past. The seniors make it a priority to keep the old oven on the plantation in use, and so the first thing you’ll see are the flames. They burn in the heart of the oven heating the kneaded dough. The dough, for some of the best yeast bread you’ll ever taste, is prepped in the “Annaberg Cook House” by the seniors themselves. They also prepared Kallaloo (Call.a.loo), which is a soup that originated in West Africa and was brought to the Caribbean by slaves in the 17th century. Right outside the cook house are large white tents, picnic tables and benches allowing everyone to get comfortable. Of course you have the option of walking around and if you choose to do so you’ll find great food, art, and history.

There was story telling, painting, baking, and cooking just to name a few activities that were going on that day. Unfortunately most of the seniors were a bit camera shy but I did get a few good shots of their work.

Overall, it was a good day. These are things that I’ve seen before but never bothered to keep record of. I was able to capture a glimpse of the past at a standstill through the lens of my camera and I’m glad that I got the chance to share with you all.

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