Daily Inspirations

Something that I have started focusing on recently is the idea of gaining inspiration from everyday life. In my spare time, I go on Pinterest and other apps and I gain a lot of inspiration from others’ designs as well as categories such as fashion, food, home, and more. Opening myself up to online resources for ideas has helped me in figuring out the kind of designer I would like to be. It also helps me to stay up-to-date with the most recent trends. There are a lot of helpful resources available for artists all over the Internet. I recently pinned an article about types of fonts that could be used together, and those that should NEVER be used together and would make for a much less pleasing aesthetic. I will definitely refer to that for my future designs.

Another thing I have found to be helpful is reading. I have just started a book on typography and in the first five pages alone I have learned so much in preparation for my upcoming class, Advanced Typography. A lot of terms describing letter forms, words, and the formation of words in a design were at first foreign to me, but upon reading and taking notes on these, I have pretty easily familiarized myself with them.

At this point, I have begun to see design everywhere. In street signs, billboard ads, commercials, newspaper advertisements, logos, and just about everywhere I turn my head. Everything has an impact, whether you realize it or not, and seeking out good designs alone can spark inspiration.

One thing I love doing is reading articles and blog posts by well-known designers to see what they have to say. Their knowledge is never-ending, but I’ve also noticed that they too are always discovering sources of inspiration. In one post, a designer raved about the Illustrator watercolor brushes she tried out that were easily downloadable, and she added a link to the site they could be downloaded from. I went through the process, and began experimenting with the brushes in a new Illustrator document. They look amazing, like real watercolor strokes on paper, and I have made it into a daily challenge for myself, using famous cities as my topic.

Never stop looking for inspiration, whether it be in the people around you, in what you read, or simply ideas that come to you out of the blue. By gathering insight from your environment and exposing yourself to new ideas, you can start recognizing good design from bad. By observing, you stay fresh with trends and can create more relevant and modern designs. Be inspired, and open your mind to new possibilities!

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