Boats of Newport

Hello everyone! I’m writing again, this time of my travels to Newport, RI. Ever since I first visited this unique New England port city, I always wanted to go back. Newport has a way of endlessly enchanting and catching my interest at every turn. When I stumbled upon this little gallery, the Sheldon Fine Art Gallery, I knew what I would be writing about when I got back.

The Sheldon Fine Art Gallery has long upheld a standard of reputation. It has been a staple for artists and clients for 35 years in the historic city. As an artist, I delighted in this find. The area especially lent itself to artistic inspiration. Not only was I surrounded by sailboats and charters, I had references all around to be exited by.

All of the art in the gallery was on theme. Boat theme! I hope I was able to bring a piece of this gallery back to you, and that all who have the opportunity, visit a port town this summer!

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