Through the Smoke

If you live in the north east, chances are you noticed the few days of wildfire smoke moving through the skies recently (June 2023). The day it started to reach the Philadelphia area, I thought it was fog, and didn’t realized that it was in fact smoke until I looked back at these pictures a few days later. The moon shining through the smoke gave it a super interesting orange glow to it. Both the silhouettes and more properly exposed came out better than I had expected, especially considering that the light was fading very quickly and I didn’t have as much time as I would’ve liked to adjust my settings. I took as many shots as I could in the few minutes that this scene lasted, and then promptly forgot about the pictures for a few days. When editing I tried to bring out the colors and mood that were already present and make them more dramatic. As much as I love low light photography, I’ve found myself moving away from it recently, so it was nice to return to some of my older styles in this mini shoot.

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