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Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a great summer! This summer I made a goal for myself to read a book, especially this book, Creative Calling by Chase Jarvis. I have purchased this book years ago but always made the excuse that I never had time or just didn’t feel like reading. But after sitting down and reading it I have never put it down. This book is for every artist out there who is stuck in their creative mind and/or needed some motivation to change a life routine and or mindset.

What makes this book interesting from the start is that the book cover feels textured like a canvas, so I decided to be creative and draw something that I love and want to focus my creative on, which is Photography. I got this inspiration drawing from Pinterest. After completing this sketch I felt like this was my book.

Down below is an image about the book.

When I was reading I found a lot of info that felt important to me and quotes that I loved. So I made a highlighting system;

  • Yellow – Important information
  • Green – Questions to look back on
  • Pink – Quote/Sentences that I loved

I sometimes feel like I regret using this highlighting system because almost every page is highlighted with almost every color I mentioned.

This book is filled with great information about getting back into that creative mind. Each chapter there are small information about a small things, as seen above one section is about “Mindset” and “Conduct an Audit” and he talks about that section into detail. I love that sometimes he puts in photography references as examples or as jokes but he also includes artistic references too. There is mixture in this book and that’s why I say this book is for everyone who is on a creative track as an artist or an ordinary person.

I am still reading but I had to stop and blog about this book because it is a very good and well written book. And so far I have ideas come through me about my photography. I have also change my mindset and rethink how I am living and taking care of my self. He went deep down on your lifestyle like, what you consume in your body, how well you should be sleeping and how you should start moving your body. And because of his words truly inspired me to change.

I hope after reading this post you too will get a chance to purchase this book.

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