Immersive Art

If you think art museums are captivating to begin with, try the Immersive Van Gogh Experience. I went to the Immersive Experience in Chicago, IL in December of 2021. If you are not aware of what this experience is, the building is covered in white walls, floors and ceilings. Then they take projectors and music to create a breathtaking experience, giving Van Gogh’s artwork life.

This experience was truly breath taking. I went with my family and I walked around and watched the museum come to life three times before being dragged out. It was truly amazing, watching paintings literally come to life in front of my eyes. The “Starry Night” was literally touching me.

As an art major, this exhibit was extremely captivating and I could have sat and watched for the entire day, but after watching three times through my family wanted to move on and see Chicago more. I would recommend this exhibit to everyone and if I didn’t love it this much I surely wouldn’t be bragging about it in a blog post. My family loved it and did not know much about Van Gogh, so it was awesome to be able to be within the art and telling the stories we learn in Art History to my family members so they can love it just as much as I do.

If you are interested in more immersive exhibits there are more coming out for more artists. Right now there is a Frida Kahlo Immersive Exhibit in select cities that is on my bucket list to see next! I think seeing her art come to life will allow us to understand her hardships and pain as well as gain a new respect for her art.

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