Alumni Stories: Meet Nadia Lipperini

Nadia Lipperini

The Artist, Nadia Lipperini

Name: Nadia Lipperini

Graduation year & Degree: 2021, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Major: Graphic Design

Current Occupation: Art Instructor for people with intellectual disabilities at Artworks NEPA

Duration of current job: Over a year

NadLip Art


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What was your favorite part about studying art at Marywood?

My favorite part about studying at Marywood was the diversity in classes you were able to take. There were so many different paths and routes within your major and I loved that I was able to find my niche in the classes I enjoyed. Even in the classes that weren’t particularly my favorite, I was able to walk away with knowledge from it all.

How did your art education at Marywood help your career?

My art education at Marywood helped me not only with various art techniques and applying them, but it also helped me in how I structure my own lesson planning with my classes. I do my best to incorporate a little bit of art history throughout the week as well as teach about the different techniques and styles used amongst many different artists.

What attracted you to this career path?

I have always wanted to be able to teach. I used to give music lessons for the longest time and one of my favorite things to watch was the growth and progression with my students. In this career path I am able to experience that growth again all while watching each individual develop their own styles and individuality. It’s been one of the most morally rewarding things in my life so far.

Did your career path match your vision of a career path? What’s different?

If you asked Nadia in the past about what she wanted to do, it would have been to go develop video games at some big name studio on the west coast. Now, I find myself excited to see my students each week ready to explore the art world. I used to picture myself either in a cubicle or working from home on projects, but now I can’t wait to see my students every week.  I feel as though I went from one side of the spectrum to the other.

What is your favorite thing about your current job?

My favorite thing about my current job has to be watching our individuals grow. They never let their disabilities stop them and are always eager to learn. They always create the way they want to create and live with no bounds around their minds. Even though I teach them art, they teach me patience and to approach life with a kind and open mind. It’s something that I will cherish forever.

“Even though I teach them art, they teach me patience and to approach life with a kind and open mind. It’s something that I will cherish forever.”

Are you currently working on any interesting side projects?

As of right now, I am working on some digital commissions as well as creating my “Save the Date” cards and wedding invitations. I work during the week, so usually any work towards these projects I do during the weekend.

What are some of the biggest rewards in your career?

Some big rewards in my career include watching my students be proud of their work, watching them develop their own style, and applying what I’ve taught them to their own projects. Nothing makes me happier than watching an individual hold up their finished composition and ask for a picture with it. Each student has learned various techniques and with that has developed their own styles. It’s neat to be able to tell which piece belongs to whom.

What’s something that would surprise people about your day-to-day?

My day-to-day changes consistently. I create lesson plans to develop some sort of structure, but sometimes things just don’t go according to plan. Sometimes the individuals would much rather do something else or experiment with different mediums, etc. It’s a job that has taught me great patience and how to adapt.

What inspires you?

For my inspiration, I tend to lean towards video games and other forms of media, but also toward my friends and family. I try to live a happy life, full of both excitement and simplicity. It’s the things that bring me joy and that make my life feel so bright and colorful that give me inspiration. My art style tends to reflect this with lots of color usage and very organic shapes.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Spread peace, love, and positive vibes! Remember that we need each other in this world and that it is free to be kind to one another.

Any advice for current art students at Marywood?

You may not like every class you take, but learn as much as you can. We live in a society where knowledge is power and this knowledge helps shape us. Don’t be afraid of being yourself and letting that reflect through your work. It not only speaks volumes about who you are as a person, but you never know who you might inspire. The ripple effect is real!



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